California, USA

This will be another search and discover creative process piece.

Maybe I ought to refer to them as SDCPP in the future. Anyway, I’m not out to make any particularly singular conceptual statement here with this type of work.
I like to think it functions on several levels, addresses a variety of social and personal issues that effect the lives other.
All the materials used in these works are considered waist materials. That and including objects that were once of value, cherished as a child might a new toy or a gift from a favored individual. Those objects having long lost that aura of significance and treasure. Set aside in a drawer to be forgotten, one day tossed into the waist can in a frenzy of order making with only a moment of regret.
In the many types of materials I’m working with over the last years a constant approach has been to challenge myself with what can I create from «nothing». The notion of «nothing» being things or objects considered to have no value, no longer useful, of no importance etc. These areas in thought comprise what I consider the negative space. Some of you certainly recognize this term as representing the area around the subject when dealing with conventional drawing discourse. For me it represents the universe of possibilities that have become obsolete, deemed no longer of import in our societies.
Here you will see plastic bags and bottle caps of every color, woven lines and tangled fishing twine. A mold injected Flamingo dancer doll shares a fixed place with the naked Action Man. These materials are stuffed into simple forms of hand sown clear plastic, fixed just out of reach from the viewer like helium balloons suspended in flight.
Yes, I want to appeal to your sense of humor, your childish wonder, if it still has a place in your being, if not I want to awaken it. As much I’m hoping to challenge your intellect, your concern for the environment if you have any. Waist plastics in the oceans, landfills, blown freely in our city streets and country sides have become major threats to the ecosystem, the environment as a whole. I’d like to think I’m presenting a possibility of transformation of this trash into something of value and wonder, a positive presence.
This work is meant to be an experience of the senses, to inspire wonder. It is not an object to be sold. It is a thought, a gift to be shared and shared again and again.
I hope you enjoy it.

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